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Principal designers and co-founders Jessica and Monique have cultivated a distinctive design process based on their industry experience and complementary strengths. These best friends-turned-business partners met while studying design at FIT and that's when the dream of JM Foundarie was born. Both Monique and Jessica found themselves in the commercial design sector for years before reconnecting and deciding to pursue their shared passion: telling families' stories through residential design. 

JM Foundarie is a women-owned boutique design studio serving the Northeast from their office in Greenwich, Connecticut. Their signature style is equal parts deep-seated heritage and innovative  functionality. 


Jessica + Monique

Jessica Quezada and Monique Cahill's approach to design  has been cultivated over years of friendship and shared experience. A self-described yin and yang, the pair represent two sides of every successful home project. 

For Jessica, the beauty of design is in the moving parts. She loves seeing how the details make the whole. Her approach involves refining the smallest of elements to create the best possible outcome. 

Monique's work is informed by her passion for all things vintage. The search for timeworn treasures and the challenge of incorporating them in modern ways is a constant source of inspiration. She loves the conversation-starting elements that steal the stage in a design. 

Together, they form a very left-brain-right-brain take on design that is embodied in the spaces they create—thoughtfully curated, effortlessly beautiful, and entirely intentional.  

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